This is a preview summary trip report with details on what we found during the trip, including tips, info and key spots. There is also

Success chasing Murray Cod in dams during the day… in summer!Yeah I know… that’s a bold and very rare statement. And I agree.If I was

Snake encounters are a common occurrence for every angler who bank walks in Australia. Prime fishing areas also mean, prime snake habitat.There is likely to

I have just returned home from what would have to be one of the most incredible trips ever!Between two boats, we landed 117 GOLDEN PERCH! I’m not sharing

Rory Benn-Clibborn from Perch Palm discusses the art of ‘craw-ling’ for redfin during the winter transition periods. This is a technique worth using as its widely

It all started when my five year old stayed up past his bedtime and watched River Monsters on SBS. The following afternoon after school he

The form of casting lures is becoming ever more popular and some would say it’s starting to overtake the once go-to method of trolling.Don’t get

It’s incredibly sad to be sitting down and writing this – the last thing we need in this Country is more fish deaths, especially when this

Check out a few of the photos from the cracker session we experienced over the weekend at Lake Windamere. This is a special place with the