This is a preview summary trip report with details on what we found during the trip, including tips, info and key spots. There is also

Success chasing Murray Cod in dams during the day… in summer!Yeah I know… that’s a bold and very rare statement. And I agree.If I was

Snake encounters are a common occurrence for every angler who bank walks in Australia. Prime fishing areas also mean, prime snake habitat.There is likely to

It all started when my five year old stayed up past his bedtime and watched River Monsters on SBS. The following afternoon after school he

The form of casting lures is becoming ever more popular and some would say it’s starting to overtake the once go-to method of trolling.Don’t get

Autumn is a great time of year to be on the water. The cooler weather makes it more comfortable for us and the fish. The

So far the current Darling River fish kill is being put down as a natural event due to low rainfall, hot weather and toxic blue

Peering down into the crystal clear waters of the Upper Murray I spotted a monstrous set of logs that was most likely home to a

Selecting a productive trout fishing rod can be as easy as walking into your local tackle store and buying the combo that is on special

If you spoke to a Murray Cod angler back five years ago about their gear of choice the answer would have gone a little like