It’s incredibly sad to be sitting down and writing this – the last thing we need in this Country is more fish deaths, especially when this

Again I’m sitting down to write about yet another fish kill… but unfortunately this one is very different and much worse!We are currently witnessing the

Cloud cover or overcast weather is the point of focus for this second article in ‘The Weather Effect’ series. If you missed the first article on ‘Barometric Pressure’ I

Over the last decade we have seen a huge shift in water management due to large volumes of water that wasn’t around during the drought.

Picture above credit: Andy WiseThe end of 2016 saw one of the worst Blackwater events unfold in the Murray Darling Basin. Throughout winter, New South Wales

Environmental Water (also known as E-Water or E-Flows) are releases of water from the large impoundments that flow down the rivers or is diverted to

Picture above credit: Iain Ellis – FisheriesBlackwater is water that picks up carbon in the form of plant matter (leaves, grass and bark), animal faeces and

The past week has seen the south east of the country battered by solid but much needed rains. The landscape was looking dry and sad

Have you ever heard of the good old saying, “1020 the fish are plenty”? If you are unsure of the meaning to this phrase, it