I have just returned home from what would have to be one of the most incredible trips ever!Between two boats, we landed 117 GOLDEN PERCH! I’m not sharing

Tips, tricks and techniques for cracking the code of one of Australia’s most renowned golden perch fisheries. Golden perch (aka yellow belly or callop) are one

Again I’m sitting down to write about yet another fish kill… but unfortunately this one is very different and much worse!We are currently witnessing the

Due to most impoundments being so clear, the Yellowbelly can usually be seen cruising which increases the frustration tenfold when they totally ignore your lure,

September marks the beginning of spring and the time in which our attention changes from Murray Cod to their smaller cousins, the Golden Perch. These

Over the last decade we have seen a huge shift in water management due to large volumes of water that wasn’t around during the drought.

The summer heat in our country is nothing short of extreme and has both a positive and negative affect on native species. It’s not uncommon

Written by Tallis CotterillSpring is one of the best times to catch one of Australia’s great native fish in dams; the iconic Golden Perch. October

Written by Rhys Creed Nothing breaks your heart more than heading out on a fishing trip to see the trees swaying side to side. Even