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A series of tutorial videos, that teach you how to fish. Learn how to use lures to catch Australian freshwater fish! It’s just like having your own fishing guide!

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Tutorial series, that teaches you how to fish. Learn how to use lures to catch Australian freshwater fish!

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Know what your sounder is telling you (and catch more fish). Master your sounder with our brand new step-by-step Sounder Series Course.

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MIGHTY MURRAY | The Hunt For A True Giant (FILM)

The Murray River is Australia's most iconic waterway and it's home to some of our biggest Murray Cod. In this feature film, join Jack Hocking (Hocko) and Rhys Creed on a 3 day adventure along the Murray River as they search for that trophy metre plus fish on surface. This film follows the boys adventure, day by day, as they search for that one special fish. Sit back and enjoy this film, and the big question is... can they achieve their goal?

THE NEW WINDAMERE | a golden icon lives on (FILM)

Lake Windamere is arguably the premier Golden Perch fishery, and has been for the past few decades. BUT after a year of heavy rain the famous Windamere has filled. Will it be the same amazing fishery? Or will be be like every other lake? The boys head off for an adventure to Windamere to find out if this iconic lake is still the best? Join them for this adventure as they explore The New Windamere!

Rigging Soft Plastics For
Murray Cod

In this video tutorial you will learn: The Step By Step Process for Rigging Big Soft Plastics

73 Mins - 6 Unique Rigging Styles - Step by Step Process

Knots & Rigs Tutorial Series

Learn how to tie all the knots you’ll ever need to know for freshwater fishing. From leaders knots all the way down to the knots that joins your leader to lure! As well as some simple rigs and setups.

14 Video Demonstrations