Choose from 8 different freshwater lure fishing series

Murray Cod & Golden Perch in Rivers ($49)

This series teaches you how to lure fish on rivers and creeks. Everything from walking the banks, to lure selection, gear selection and even trolling!

8 Tutorial Videos - 296 Mins
Bonus - Inflatable Boat Drifting the Murrumbidgee River

Murray Cod in Dams ($49)

This series teaches you how to lure fish for monster dam Murray Cod. Everything from; what gear you need, to the big lures (including soft plastics), where to fish, casting techniques and how to troll!

6 Tutorial Videos - 298 Mins
BONUS – Rigging Big Soft Plastics

Golden Perch in Dams ($49)

This series teaches you how to lure fish for Golden Perch in dams. Everything from; the gear you need, what lures to use in what situation, the best structure to fish and the best casting and trolling techniques, and even how to retrieve your lures!

7 Tutorial Videos - 200 Mins
BONUS – Blowering Golden Perch on Plastics

Trout in Rivers & Streams ($49)

This series teaches you how to lure fish for Trout in rivers and streams. Everything from; the gear you need and what lures are the best, to the best areas to target, how to cast in deep pools and fast running rapids, plus much more!

5 Tutorial Videos - 182 Mins
BONUS – Unlocking the Eucumbene River

Murray cod on surface ($49)

Targeting Murray Cod on surface lures would by far be the most exciting way to catch them. Nothing beats getting boofed by a big cod. This series teaches you EVERYTHING about surface fishing in both river, creeks and dams. Best of all its full of insane action, plenty of boofs and even a metre cod!

4 Tutorial Videos - 167 Mins
BONUS – Tips & Action!

Trout in lakes & dams ($49)

Target Trout in lakes and dams is a very popular style of fishing and this series teaches you everything you need to know. From trolling and casting setups, to lure selection, trolling techniques and where to cast, plus plenty of Snowy Mountains Trout action!

6 Tutorial Videos - 210 Mins
BONUS – Lake Eucumbene Trout

Trout on Fly ($49)

Fly fishing doesn’t have to be hard! It’s actually very easy and such a satisfying form of fishing. That’s whys we created this series, to help you get into fly fishing for Trout – the easy way! We cover both rivers and creeks, wet and dry techniques, and there is plenty of action along the way!

5 Tutorial Videos - 168 Mins
BONUS – Backwater Sight Fishing the Tumut River