This is a preview summary trip report with details on what we found during the trip, including tips, info and key spots. There is also

Success chasing Murray Cod in dams during the day… in summer!Yeah I know… that’s a bold and very rare statement. And I agree.If I was

The form of casting lures is becoming ever more popular and some would say it’s starting to overtake the once go-to method of trolling.Don’t get

It’s incredibly sad to be sitting down and writing this – the last thing we need in this Country is more fish deaths, especially when this

As always, winter is one of the most rewarding times of year to chase giant Murray Cod, but it’s also the toughest time of year.

The coldest months of the year are becoming the go-to time of year to chase trophy Murray Cod. It’s becoming ever more popular among anglers,

Again I’m sitting down to write about yet another fish kill… but unfortunately this one is very different and much worse!We are currently witnessing the

So far the current Darling River fish kill is being put down as a natural event due to low rainfall, hot weather and toxic blue

After many seasons of fishing the cold nights in winter, we now know its hard work! Blowering Dam in particular is a massive grind. At

Should native rivers be closed to all forms of fishing during Murray Cod close season?Spring means closed season for Murray Cod. This is when they