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  • Ep87 – Jake Miles: Fishing Northern Victoria (Ovens River and Lake Buffalo) & Sharing Plenty of Fishing Stories

If you like a good fishing story… you’ll enjoy this episode. I sat down for almost two hours to chat with Jake Miles all about his fishing story and North East Victoria. Jake covers fishing on the Ovens River, Lake Eildon, Lake Buffalo and the Murray River.

He shares his story about how he moved to Australia and learnt how to fish well after school. Quite a different story to many, and he shares how he overcame the hurdles of learning to fish, starting with Trout and advancing to Murray Cod.

This is a great yarn full of plenty of laughs and banter. Enjoy!


In this episode:

2:40 – Jake’s story and background – how he got started in fishing.

14:00 – The next step of learning in Jakes’s journey chasing Murray Cod.

27:30 – Jake’s first metre cod story.

34:50 – Fishing Small Rivers in North East VIC – Ovens River.

42:45 – Fishing the Murray River.

48:30 – Fishing Lake Buffalo.

1:01:00 – Jake’s experience at Lake Eildon.

1:15:30 – The story of Outback Adventures Australia YouTube channel and content.

1:30:00 – Jake’s dream trip.

1:35:30 – Story of Jake’s Biggest Ovens River Cod.

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