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  • Ep90 – Lubin Pfeiffer: Key Conditions for River Murray Cod, Fish Behaviour, Extended Trips and Fishing the Lower Murray River

Back at the microphone with the legend that is… Lubin Pfeiffer! A lot has happened since the last time we spoke four years ago, including Lubin’s lifestyle, job and some of his fishing techniques – we touch on these before diving into key topics around chasing Murray Cod on rivers.

Lubin shares stories from travelling over the past few years, we discuss his travelling setup and what he does for power, internet, water etc (handy tips to help you setup a system for travelling). We discuss key conditions for river Murray Cod including flows and clarity. What’s the best surface fishing retrieve? And so much more!

Towards the end we chat about the Lower Murray River and how the water flows through this section, what are ideal flows and some background and history around the river.

This is a fascinating chat that you don’t want to miss!


In this episode:

4:00 – Catchup with Lubin on what’s been happening, his YouTube channel and the past four years

9:30 – How long should my trip be chasing a big river cod?

15:30 – Filming and running a YouTube channel

27:00 – What has changed since we last spoke:

  • surface retrieves for cod
  • fluorocarbon mainline
  • using sounders

44:00 – How does Lubin approach a new system/location for the first time?

50:30 – Setup for travelling (power, internet, sleeping, water, charging etc)

58:30 – Process for a surface retrieve for cod

1:06:00 – What’s most important for rivers? Flow, clarity, water temperature, weather, moon, barometer?

1:10:00 – Understanding flows in the lower Murray River system

1:29:00 – Lubins learning on cod behaviour over the past few years

1:41:00 – Lubins rods, reels, lures and gear

1:46:30 – Top Must Visit Spots in each State

1:50:30 – What’s the future look like for Lubin?

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