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why rhys decided to start this platform?


It's me, Rhys.

For those of you who don't know me, I live and breath fishing. And in particular, freshwater fishing. 

But I always knew there was something else that I was even more passionate about...

Helping others...

The idea for Social Fishing started a long time ago when I was a keen young angler who use to sit and watch weekend fishing shows. One thing that use to frustrate me was watching the hosts catch fish but never show you how they did it…

I wanted to know what they were using, the knots, what pound leader and mainline? Just like anyone who is learning, I wanted to know how I could go out and catch a fish. 

It felt like the fishing shows were presenting this amazing dream, but without showing us how we could chase it.

As I grew and learnt more and more about freshwater fishing I began to realise that there was very little information about this style of fishing.

It was difficult for someone who was starting out (we all know how hard cod can be to catch). 

We had to learn everything ourselves through practice, trial and error, talking to other anglers, reading books and researching online and we could only find bit and pieces of information.

Plus, some people aren't as lucky and don't have someone to show them, or to help them get started. 

(And yes, social media has many benefits, but there is so much FALSE information on these platforms, from so called 'gurus'.)

This lack of quality information was missing...

And I knew I needed to do something about it. 

That problem was the birth of Social Fishing – and will continue to be the reason we are here! 

To share information and help guide you to your dreams!

You've found your new community that all share this one addictive passion - fishing!

Welcome and I'm glad you found us. 

Also if you'd like to reach out to me, here is my personal email:
[email protected]

rhys creed

Social Fishing Founder

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We've created plenty of content and I'll share a few below that might interest you. 

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Check out our most popular articles.

We regularly publish articles on our website with heaps of content on freshwater fishing. Below are my four favouirte which I highly recommend. 

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Get the FREE Freshwater Mini Series.

You're going to LOVE this series! Stop wasting your time searching on YouTube for educational content on lure fishing for Murray Cod, Golden Perch or Trout - you'll get so much more from this 2 hour, 4 part series! AND it's totally FREE! I wanted to give back to everyone who is supporting what we do and also to help those kick start their freshwater fishing passion. 

You can click here to watch the series. All you have to do is create a free account on Social Fishing (plus you get other super cool stuff in your account), and then you can start watching. 

I've put the trailer below as well in case you want to check it out first.

Must watch videos.

We have a stack of videos on YouTube which you can watch on our channel here. But we also have a stack of preview videos from inside our SF Membership which are awesome and well worth checking out. I've put a few of my favouirtes from YouTube and our SF Membership down below. 

Want to learn about lure fishing?

It can be pretty scary making the jump from lure to bait fishing - but it doesn't have to be because we are here to help. If you've checked out our YouTube videos and watched the Freshwater Mini Series, and you're ready to learn more than it's time to checkout the Complete Guide Lure Fishing Series!

This in-depth 60 part tutorial series was designed and developed by the SF team over a four year period. We wanted to create the most detailed content that answers EVERY SINGLE QUESTION you could possibly ask about lure fishing for Murray Cod, Trout and Golden Perch.

Are you keen to start watching? Click here to learn more!

Ready to take your fishing to the next level?

Okay, so you're ready to take your fishing one step further! That brings us to how we can help you in the best way possible... through our SF Membership Platform. This is the ultimate community and educational platform you could possibly ever find for freshwater fishing in Australia. 

You'll get direct access to incredible anglers who are there to help answer any questions you have.

Not sure where to go?

Or need help planning a trip?

NO PROBLEM, we can help!

You'll get access to meet new keen anglers in your area and discuss topics with other community members. Plus there is all the educational material which include our very own SF Magazine loaded with articles and videos, the SF Guides, Monthly Q&A videos, the Knots & Rigs Library, Rhys Weekly Fishing Update & Prediction,  Monthly Reports on over 14 different fishing spots in NSW and VIC. Don't forget about our in-depth 6 part Sounder Series (yep, we show you everything about using your sounder, and it's all inside the membership). 

And most importantly, you'll get access to the SF Maps! Click here to learn about everything inside the SF Membership and I can't wait to see you on the inside. 

Just want to ask me a question?

No problem at all! I'm here to help.

You can reach me on my personal email here [email protected]

Just note that I respond to all members questions and enquires first, so just be patient, I will get back to you soon. 

I'll see you around!



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