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Another campfire chat between six of us from our April float down the Murrumbidgee River in the Takacat inflatables. We took three Takacat inflatables boats and drifted down the Murrumbidgee.

April is all about low flows but on this trip we were met with far from ideal conditions with a fast rising river due to dam releases. We went ahead with the trip and tried to work out if we could catch them during a rise.

Fishing was tough but we still managed to land some great fish. Enjoy the stories, laughs and banter as we recap this trip while sitting around the campfire on the last night of the trip.

We recorded a feature film along this trip which will be available in the SF Membership! To watch the full film login to stream in full HD (film available mid-May 2024).

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In this episode:

0:00 – Introduction

4:00 – Conditions and Lead Up to the Trip

11:00 – Recap of the Trip from Day 1

42:00 – Recap of Day 2

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