The 5 Best Lure Types for Murray Cod

I have just returned home from what would have to be one of the most incredible trips ever!

Between two boats, we landed 117 GOLDEN PERCH! 

I’m not sharing this to brag… but to show that results like this can be achieved when you know EXACTLY what to do!

And that’s what I’m here to share with you… everything we learnt!

So that you can visit the lake and catch plenty of fish for yourself.

We spent four days on the water and it did take a couple of days to figure out how they were feeding. Once we worked this out, and which lures the fish reacted to, along with the retrieve patterns and depth…. we found the recipe for success.

See below for more details on the trip report…

Windamere Trip Report

Windamere is an incredible lake and I would have to say it’s a must fish for all anglers. I always expect it to deliver but once again it blew our expectations out of the water!

Many lessons were learnt throughout the trip and the main thing I took away from the time on the water, was how quickly the fish can change their behaviour, and also how quickly the conditions on the lake can alter. More information on this below.

I’ve separated this update into two parts. The first part is a story and a bit of an overview of the trip, and the second part is all about what we learnt, where and how we fished, and tips to help you if you’re looking to visit the lake this season.

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Part 1: The Story

The Start of the Trip

Maso planned this trip months in advanced and we locked in the dates hoping that the weather was going to align for us… and luckily it did. Maso and Fletcher headed up on the Friday night and they fished a full day on the Saturday. Surprisingly, they struggled and only landed 3 fish for the day. I talked to Maso at the end of the day and he said they just couldn’t work them out.

In contradiction to this I talked to Murray who spent half the day at the lake and he had a cracker of a day landing 8 fish. The lake was busy on the Saturday with 30-40 boats on the lake and most people Maso talked to said they also struggled. Murray landed 8 fish… and he said they were ON!

I told Maso and Fletcher how Murray caught his fish on the phone that night, and they changed their approach on the Sunday. The results changed drastically, and the boys landed 15 fish for the day…

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The rest of this trip report includes:

Part 1: The Story (continued)

The rest of the story from the trip, how each day panned out and the results from the trip.


Part 2: Lessons From the Trip

Dam Variables (water clarity, water temperature and weed growth)

How to Fish Effectively Around the Weed in Windamere

Best Technique for Fishing the Weed

The Technique and Lures that Worked

Working a Bank, Lure Choice, Leader

The Two Stand out Retrieve Styles

Best Structure and Where we Caught Fish

Best Banks that Produced for Us (pins from inside the SF Maps)

How we Sight Fished for Goldens

Summary and Plenty of Photos


I’ve detailed every part of our trip and everything we did to catch fish. Many other anglers out on the water struggled and it all comes down to knowing exactly what to do!

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Rhys Creed

Rhys Creed is the Founder of Social Fishing. He has grown up with a love for freshwater fishing, especially lure fishing for natives. His favourite style of fishing is casting for Murray Cod in fast water rivers. He is passionate about bringing to you the best in freshwater fishing education!

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