As always, winter is one of the most rewarding times of year to chase giant Murray Cod, but it’s also the toughest time of year.

This is a very special episode of the podcast as I was lucky enough to interview Steve Starling, one of the Australian great anglers, freelance

Fishing in perfect conditions… let’s be honest, this never happens! There are times where the conditions are far from perfect and this can make fishing

In this co-hosted episode with Tallis Cotterill and myself, we sit down and talk about one of my favourite topics… winter Murray Cod! As we

On this episode I sit down and share the story of a giant cod I landed earlier this winter. The reason I wanted to share

On today’s episode of The Social Fishing Podcast, I talk to a special guest and good mate of mine who has an addictive passion for

In this episode I introduce to you one of the young guns in the Social Fishing team, Tallis Cotterill. In this episode we sit down,

On the second episode of the Social Fishing Podcast I introduce to you one of the long-time members of the Social Fishing team and co-host

The first episode of the brand-new podcast! On ‘The Social Fishing Podcast’ we are going to talk about everything in freshwater fishing with regular shows