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Fishing in perfect conditions… let’s be honest, this never happens! There are times where the conditions are far from perfect and this can make fishing tough, but there are different things you can do to increase your chances of catching fish.

In this episode Chris and I sit down and talk about tough fishing conditions and how you can make the most in these situations. A few of the topic we touch on are, cold water, dirty water and high temperatures. Enjoy this episode of the podcast!


In this episode:

Update from Rhys & Chris (5:00)

Tips for cold temperatures (12:00)

Can you annoy a cod into hitting a lure? (21:00)

Best areas to fish on a cold snap (24:00)

Tips for dirty water (27:30)

Lures choice in dirty water (32:45)

Best lure colours in dirty water (37:30)

Fishing in crystal clear waters (41:30)

Fishing dirty water in dams (43:00)

Tips for high water temperatures (48:00)

Tips for the weeks ahead (55:00)

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