The 5 Best Lure Types for Murray Cod

Locations covered in this report:
Burrinjuck Dam, Pjar Dam, Woolindilly River

Latest Report: Thursday 25th February

Written by:  James Picker


Burrinjuck Dam:

Burrinjuck has been a little quit the past few weeks most probably due to the excessive heat in the area the natives seem to be holding deep in the cool water. With the water temp above 25 degrees there are many carp getting caught on lures which makes good fun for the kids on a hot day.

Pjar Dam:

Pjar dam has been red hot of late with a plenty of anglers hitting the dam up for a casual fish. Quite a few reports coming in of bass in the 30 cm mostly caught on the troll in mid water. Numerous trout are being caught also mostly ranging in the 40 cm range.

Woolindilly River:

Wolindilly River is back in form with loads of good redfin hitting the table The fish seemed to have spawned a little later than normal but have come in with the goods. The river is plagued with tiny redfin at the moment in the range of 5 to 10 cm. A quick flick around with a lure will find the big ones praying on the smaller fish.

redfin wollindilly river
James Picker

Freshwater fishing runs deep in James’ veins and lies strong in his heart, from estuarys to creeks, from fast flowing rivers to farm dams, if it's got a fish in it he wants to know about it. A light rod and light line dressed with a pretty lure is always his weapon of choice and he loves trying anything new and making it happen. As long as he is on the water he’s happy.

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