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Locations covered in this report:

Ovens River, Lake William Hovel, Lake Buffalo

August 2016 Report

Written by:  Robbie Alexander

The big wet continues here in North East Victoria with many rivers either flooded, or just finished being flooded.  The Broken, Kiewa, Ovens, Upper Murray and Mitta Mitta rivers have all recently been flooded, with the Ovens River even reaching major flood level in Wangaratta last week, so as you could imagine there is a lot of water laying around and not a lot of fishing taking place.


Upper Ovens River:

The upper Ovens River has been flooded and is currently subject to the closed trout season.

Lower Ovens River:

The lower Ovens River has been completely flooded for weeks, and totally unfishable.

Lake William Hovel:

I have had a couple of reports of trout being caught in Lake William Hovell over the last month, but not a lot. I am not sure if the fishing has been slow or if people are just avoiding the outdoors due to the constantly inclement weather!

Beechworth Lakes:

Stanley Dam and Lake Sambell have both been quite popular with anglers chasing the recently released yearling rainbow trout over the last month. Stanley ditch dam has slowed right down as the trout are much easier to catch in there and as a result get fished out reasonably quickly each year. Lake Sambell has seen a steady flow of rainbow trout for both shore based and kayak/boat anglers.

Both lakes are due to be stocked with rainbow trout again at the end of this month.

Lake Buffalo:

Lake Buffalo has seen large volumes of water flowing into, and out of it over the last month. The lake is help at 60% for flood mitigation, and over the last month has crept up over 70% a few times, and then drop back down to around 60% after the flood passes. I have not heard any fishing reports.

august social fishing report
Robbie Alexander

Baptised in water from the Ovens River, Robbie was born in Wangaratta in July 1975.
A direct ascendant of a long line of fisherman on both sides of his family, he was born with a fishing rod in his hand. Robbie lives to fish, loves to write, loves taking photos and enjoys sharing his passion for fishing. Spending time fishing puts him firmly in his comfort zone.

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