The 5 Best Lure Types for Murray Cod

Locations covered in this report:
Copeton Dam, Pindari Dam, Severn River, Beardy Waters

Latest Report: August

Written by:  Adam Townsend

With the rivers still running high from all of last month’s rain, the local dams have been on the rise for most of July making fishing around the area very touch and go.


Beardy Waters:

The Beardy river is still dis-coloured from last month’s rain making it the hardest of places to fish around area.


Severn River:

The Severn River is also a bit dis-coloured although both Yellas and Cod have been getting caught in the flow above and below the junction. Try Fishing the tops and bottoms of the rapids for a better chance of catching natives that are waiting to ambush anything moving down river. Spinnerbaits have been the go to lure while the water is murky (chrome blades are a favourite when fishing dirty water).


Pindari Dam:

Pindari has been gradually rising for the past several weeks now and is sitting at the 46% but with more rain recently it should only continue to climb. Cod and Yellowbelly have both been pretty quiet on lures however there have been reports from bait fisherman getting a few fish on yabbies mainly coming from around the trees.


Copeton Dam:

Copeton on the other hand has been fishing much differently to the other waterways! The Yellas have been on the quieter side with only a handful heard of being caught through-out the month whereas Cod have been off and on the bite in waves. With the dam currently at the 21% mark and still rising fast, it can make for an extremely tough bite sometimes but if you get the timing right and find yourself in the right area you can be in for a really good session. Cod have been getting caught on a mixture of lures lately by anglers wanting to toughen out the conditions and put in the time. Big spinnerbaits and wakebaits have been the lures of choice getting some healthy fish amongst them with several going over the metre mark.

social fishing adam townsend new england cod

Adam with a 97cm Murray Cod on a Shorty Wakebait

new england fishing report august

109cm Cod on Westin MonsterVibe Spinner just after dark

Adam Townsend

Adam has had a love for fishing since he was young. Being born in Glen Innes NSW, he grew up close to the area his whole life. It has only been in the last few years where his obsessive passion for luring natives have grown. For Adam, the challenge of learning new techniques or the thrill of sight-casting these amazing species in clear flowing water is one of many reasons he has a passion for freshwater angling. Releasing the fish and the places he gets to explore along the way just makes it that much better.

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