The 5 Best Lure Types for Murray Cod

Hi guys,

Some exciting developments have occurred this year in the fishing sector, one that has caught my attention has the opening of targeting Trout Cod in Talbingo Dam.

Now let me make this very clear before I get a whole lot of people jumping down my throat. The targeting of Trout Cod in Talbingo Dam is 100% Catch and Release – no fish are to be kept at all.

And if you capture a Trout Cod please treat it with the upmost respect. This fishery will be under the scrutiny of the NSW DPI and if there are people who mistreat it then they will not hesitate to shut it again.

Although not much is known about the numbers of Trout Cod in Talbingo dam it has been stocked with them. Also rumours of large Trout Cod and anglers getting smoked while bobbing the trees for Redfin pop up every year so if someone dose manage to hook one on gear heavy enough to stop one it’s sure to be a good size fish.

The true potential of these fish as a recreation fighting fish is in my mind second to none and I would compare them to a freshwater Mangrove Jack. I would love to see a big Troutie cracking over the 80cm mark get caught by an angler as it would truly be lock down drag out bare knuckle fight. I for one will be taking a few spinnerbaits next time I head to this prolific trout water.

Until next time,

Good luck and fish on!

Chris Cotterill

Chris Cotterill is a self-confessed fishing addict and has based his recreation time and work life around it. With 25 years of fishing knowledge behind him with everything from chasing stream Trout to surface hitting Murray Cod and even Carp on fly, Chris brings a broad range of skills to the Social Fishing Team.

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