The 5 Best Lure Types for Murray Cod

Locations covered in this report:
Lake Eildon, Nagambie Lakes, Goulburn River, King Parrot Creek

Latest Report: Thursday 28th January

Written by:  Jim Bob
Lake Eildon:

Eildon has still seen plenty of nice fish getting caught on larger lures this past week along with one angler scoring 2 monster fish one 97cm Murray Cod along with an 8.1lb brown trout  both on the same lure well done Matt Tormey!!

Murray cod have been the main catch with trolling still being the preferred method amongst anglers. Not many trout redfin or yellowbelly have been seen. CVLC super series was held on the lake and not a lot of fish were caught it was one of them days!!

Lake eildon trou murray cod
Nagambie Lakes:

Reports of Goldens on Jackalls and small spinnerbaits has been the only intel I have been told. Spoke to a local who said the yellas are all around the 40-45cm range but great fun on 10lb string!! Hoping in the next 2 weeks the water will gain some clarity and I will get out for a look myself to let you all know firsthand what’s going on.

 Goulburn River:

The river has had a big flush with 30mm of rain in a short time pumping water from Thornton down. This will slow fishing right down for the next week until the water eases up and lets the fish come back out from tight cover. One you fella scored his first trout on a small spinner casting into the rapids, nothing huge but still a nice fish!

King Parrot Creek:

King parrot is looking a little sad with rain stirring up the low clean water it will be a little time now before the trout are happy and we can get stuck into them. Small Rapalas and Celtas will be the best chances and I guarantee there will be plenty of walking involved.

Jim Bob

James Murray better known as Jim Bob, grew up in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. With his home town not home to many waterways he has explored some hidden treasures to the north. Many waterways have surprised him with big catches from something as small as a puddle in a paddock! Jim Bob is an all-round angler who loves targeting all manner of species that pull line from a spool.

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