Here is this month’s Fishing Update – October 2016. We will be bringing these to you on a monthly basis to give you a round up on the fishing around the region.

Spring is now in full swing which means the Golden Perch are feeding! The country has be inundated with huge amounts of rain over the past few months but we finally have some clear days ahead of us. As the water begins to warm up and pass that 16 degree mark the perch will start feeding.

The Golden’s are feeding exceptionally well at Copeton Dam on a range of techniques. Cast the banks and also finding the schools in the trees and bobbing is a great technique at the moment.

Windamere fished really well late in September but has slowed right down to the high amounts of traffic that the dam see during early spring. It is the number one location to target Golden Perch and the lake has seen a lot of traffic over the past few years. That said some great fish are still being caught but there is a lot of hard work for the efforts.

Burrinjuck is very dirty at present due to the high amounts of rainfall and water running into the dam. Try to seek out the clearer water as this is where you will find feeding fish. Hard work at the moment but there are fish to be caught. Bait fishing will always work well in the dirty water.

Eildon is starting to pick up with some great cod being caught of late (remember Eildon is open to cod fishing year round). Cast spinnerbaits in against the bank seems to be the way to go, look for large fallen logs and they will be sure to hold good fish. The fishing will get even better down there next month.

Blowering Dam like many others is now overflowing and it is an amazing sight to see. It is the first time since 2010 that the water has flown over the spillway. The lake is looking magical as you will see in the above video, well worth a look if you live in the area. The fishing here has been difficult of late as the day temperatures are cooler than usual. The water temperature is sitting at around 12 degrees in the morning getting to 15 in the afternoon in some locations. Due to the high amounts of rain and overcast days the lake hasn’t had the chance to warm up. The Golden’s should start to feed well over the next couple of weeks with warmer days upon us. Fishing deep on the rocky points and banks seems to be the best technique at the moment.

Trout fishing in the alpine regions has been great of late! Trout season is now open and some of the smaller streams and creeks are now clear enough to fish. Casting small lures, spinners and plastics in the streams will always work well along with fly fishing. Now that the weather is warming up the Trout will start to take dry flies.

The lakes have been fishing extremely well like EucumbeneJindabyne and Tantangra. The most simple and one of the most successful techniques is to walk the banks casting soft plastics and spinners. Try to target the shallow grassy flats in the morning and late afternoon and then head to the clay banks and dirty water during the day.

A number of locations are still out of action and that includes a number of larger waterways in which you would normally target Golden Perch at this time of year.

This means we have less choice of fishing locations but the lakes are looking great and both Golden Perch and Trout are on the chew!

Rhys Creed

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