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  • Ep86 – Targeting Murray Cod in Summer: Key Conditions, Lures and Approach with Rhys & Dan

A new season is upon us… and it’s going to be EPIC! Dan and I wanted to sit down and have a chat about what’s ahead and we cover our thoughts on how to approach this summer.

Our focus for this chat is on rivers, now that we are heading into a drier period (this means lower flows and clearer water). We talk about what it’s been like the past three years, the current conditions, water clarity and how it affects cod, some key lures worth using over summer and our thoughts on weedless plastics.

Before finishing up we also touch on the impoundments and share a few tips. Enjoy this episode and if you have any requests for topics, please send them through.


In this episode:

5:00 – Rivers for cod and conditions over the past 5 years

9:40 – Current conditions and the year ahead (fishing will be epic)

14:30 – Water clarity and how it affects feeding behaviour of cod

26:00 – Tips for the summer ahead and our predictions on good spots to fish

31:20 – Key lures for chasing summer cod

40:00 – Best rod for weedless plastics

50:30 – Tips for chasing cod in lakes & dams over summer

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