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  • Ep83 – Lake Eildon: Trophy Murray Cod in Winter with Rhys, Dan & Jimmy

This is a new style of podcast… recorded on the water while fishing! Lake Eildon is a popular destination, so we planned a trip this winter to explore and unlock the lake. On the final night we decided to record an episode of the podcast, and we ended up doing it in the boat while fishing.

This is different and unique! Follow along as we share what we learnt on our trip to Eildon, how we found and landed trophy cod and how you can learn more about fishing the lake.

We also talk you through the technique we were using with the live tech during the night session on the water.

It’s different… but epic! Enjoy and please let us know if you like this podcast format.


In this episode:

1:00 – Intro to Eildon Podcast

8:22 – Jim’s big fish

12:00 – The size of lake Eildon and finding key areas

16:00 – Beginning of a HOT run in Dans boat (3 fish over the mark)

24:00 – Spotting fish on Live Tech (distinguishing between)

26:00 – Dans wader story

31:00 – Rhys triumphs!

36:00 – Phone call from Jakes boat

38:30 – Talking tactics of working a shoreline with live tech (fish behaviour)

41:00 – Dans 3rd fish for the trip!

46:00 – Thoughts from Dan on the 4 fish bite window

50:00 – Exploring new areas within an impoundment and identifying likely water that’ll hold fish – setting GPS marks to use once night falls

1:04:00 – Explaining what we’re looking for while using live tech (LIVE)

1:15:50 – Lake Eildon Trip Summary within SF Membership


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