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  • Ep82 – Jakko Davis & Rhys Creed: Bank Walking Rivers for Cod, Moon Phases and Live Tech Discussion

Jakko is BACK! Perfect timing to get Jakko Davis back on for another podcast chat and we broke the record for the longest chat yet… but it’s epic. This is one you’ll want to make sure you listen to the entire way through (and possibly again).

We chat about three key topics:

  • Chasing Murray Cod in Rivers
  • The Effect of Live Technology on Cod
  • Moon Phases and how they Affect Cod

These are three hot topics in the cod fishing world at the moment. As always, we get into good discussion on a range of ideas and experiences. Enjoy this chat!


In this episode:

4:30 – Intro and catchup, recent sessions and life

6:00 – Fishing the Macquarie River this season

15:30 – Camping out of a backpack in summer

21:00 – General life and fishing the river

25:30 – Fishing from the inflatable boat

36:00 – Fishing from bank V boat

44:30 – Live Technology Chat: Where is it going?

1:06:00 – How fish behave to splash and boat pressure from the use of Live Tech

1:14:00 – Murray Cod intelligence and understanding their behaviour on live sonar

1:38:30 – Moon Phases and Murray Cod: Bite Periods and Bite Windows

2:13:30 – What do we watch on YouTube

2:16:30 – Membership update, Social Fishing and life updates

- Connect with Jakko -

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