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  • Ep81 – Jono Bleakley: Becoming a Content Creator in the Fishing Industry & Australian Bass on the Bellinger River

In this episode I sit down and have a chat with an experienced podcast host and content creator… Jono Bleakley. He is the co-host of the Reel Action Fishing Podcast with Michael Guest, he works as a content creator at OzFish Unlimited and has been a presenter for a number of brands in the fishing industry.

This chat is loaded with content including the story of Jono and how he got to where he is today. Then we talk about chasing Bass on the Bellinger River before finishing the podcast discussing the fishing content industry. We discuss hosting and running podcasts, creating content and how to stand out in the fishing world.

Jump in and listen to this jammed packed episode!

In this episode:

04:15 – Introduction to Jono’s Story

45:00 – Bass Fishing and the Bellinger River Journey

1:01:00 – Rhys’ Content Creating Processes

1:09:00 – Creating Content in the Fishing Industry

1:28:28 – Jono’s Memorable Moments

1:37:20 – What does the future look like and Jono’s future ambitions

1:50:00 – Advice for young content creators

- Connect with Jono -

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