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  • Ep74 – Jackson Haussler: Chasing Cod in Northern NSW, Life Lessons and How to Consistently Catch Big Fish

If you love chasing cod, especially river cod – this is a must listen episode! Our special guest for this episode, Jackson Haussler has achieved so much in the cod world in such a short space of time. Fishing in Northern NSW, he is familiar with the gorge country for Murray Cod.

In this episode we talk about the Northern Basin rivers including the Severn, Macintyre and Gwydir. Jackson talks about weather patterns, moon and how critical he is when it comes to conditions for chasing cod. He also gets chatting about how he has changed and mistakes he made in the past when it comes to friendship and respect.

It’s an amazing listen with such an incredible angler. Strap yourself in for this one.

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In this episode:

5:00 – How did fishing start for Jackson – The Story

13:00 – How Jackson got into chasing Murray Cod

23:00 – Life lessons, showing respect, giving back and being a good person

33:00 – Fishing the Northern Basin Rivers and gorge country (Macintyre, Gwydir & Severn)

36:00 – Timing a trip and understanding key conditions

45:00 – Quick chat about moon phases for cod

52:30 – Recent cod opening trip

56:00 – Fishing higher in the water column and using the right lure for the situation

1:07:50 – Any challenges Jackson has com across in chasing cod

1:10:25 – The gear Jackson uses

1:13:10 – Targeting big fish vs small fish

1:18:40 – Most memorable catch

1:24:25 – Final piece of advice

1:26:00 – Does Jackson own a boat?

- Connect with Jackson -

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