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  • Ep72 – Sunny Martins: Dedicated Passion for Fishing, and Approach for Chasing Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Trout & Bass

In this episode Rhys is joined by Sunny Martins, and what an epic chat it is! Sunny has an eye for detail and is very particular in the way he fishes and his approach, so much so that it pays off with plenty of big fish hitting his deck. He has an addictive passion for fishing that drives him to continually seek new challenges and experiences (and also helping him spend countless hours on the water).

In this episode Sunny shares his background, how fishing started for him and where he is today in his fishing journey, along with plenty of tips to help you catch more fish. The boys talk about Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Trout and Bass – different techniques, approach, and lures for all those species.

Then Sunny gets into some specific but important topics around boat position and how he fishes a bank for both cod and yellas in a deep dam (like Eildon) and a shallow lake (like Mulwala). In this discussion he explains fish position, how they feed, how to position your boat, how and where to cast and more (very important stuff to learn).

Plus, he shares plenty of stories from his past, memories, and lessons, along with future goals and handy tips for you to take away and into your own fishing. This is an episode you don’t want to miss, and make sure you share it with your friends!

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In this episode:

3:00 – How Sonny gets to fish so much?

10:45 – How fishing started for Sunny and where he is based?

20:00 – Fishing solo v with a mate, and fishing from a kayak

26:30 – More on Sunny’s fishing journey

34:00 – Thinking outside the box – boat positioning for cod and yellas (inc. dam example)

47:30 – Boat position continued – Example at Mulwala

57:00 – Favouirte way to chase each species (cod, yellas, trout, bass)

1:06:10 – Approach for a Session and Fishing Over Summer

1:14:00 – Lure Choice and Approach: weedless plastics, plastics with exposed hooks, hardbody & spinnerbait

1:30:10 – Preferred Colour Choice for Sunny

1:33:45 – Sunny’s Goals Moving Forward

- Connect with Sunny -

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