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  • Ep71 – Chasing Golden Perch, Understanding Fish Behaviour and a Catch-Up Around Mental Health with Rhys & Dan

Another episode where I’m joined by Dan Webber to have a chat about the current fishing, techniques, and approach for chasing Golden Perch in spring and summer. There is a huge amount of information and content that you can apply to your sessions in this episode, which runs for over two hours.

During the middle of the chat, we get into conversation about fish behaviour, which include Murray Cod, Trout and Golden Perch and a critical concept that makes a massive difference to your fishing sessions (this is a must know concept).

Then we finish up the episode by referring to the amazing response we got from the last episode with Dan Webber on mental health.

Plenty of learn and discover in this episode of The Social Fishing Podcast!

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In this episode:

2:00 – Intro and Catchup on Recent Session this Spring

7:00 – Learning from Failure and Poor Sessions – Recap from Dan’s Recent Trout Session

14:50 – Lessons from How Fish Feed from a Recent Burrinjuck Session

19:00 – Example on Fish Behaviour from Lake Hume

26:00 – Late Spring & Summer Techniques for Golden Perch

53:50 – Most IMPORTANT Thing to Remember About Fishing!!!

56:45 – Summer Techniques for Yellas continued.

1:00:50 – Go-To Trolling Lures for Yellas in Summer

1:05:30 – Concentrations Concept – Understanding this is Key to Success

1:40:00 – Few Final Words about the Upcoming Season

1:49:00 – Catchup on Mental Health from the Last Episode

- Connect with Dan -

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