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  • Ep67 – Adam McCulloch: Northern NSW, Spring Yellas and Fishing with Jerkbaits (Suspending Hardbody’s)

Spring is here and we have a cracker yella episode for you! Joined by fishing legend Adam McCulloch, we discuss a range of topic around spring yellas and fishing in Northern NSW. Adam talks about his home three lakes, Keepit, Split Rock and Chaffey, as well as the surrounding rivers.

He gets into a detailed run through of using Jerkbaits (Suspending Hardbody’s) for yellas. A technique that works well in early spring with fish sitting up in the shallows. Adam talks about the massive Silver Perch in Chaffey, and we also have detailed discussions about water level change and how that affects the fishing. Including a quick chat about Lake Windamere filling up and what we both think that will mean for the fishing out there.

Another great episode with plenty to learn for spring yellas!

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3:45 – Intro and General Chat

6:30 – Adam’s Story, Background, and Fishing Journey

20:20 – Lake Keepit, Split Rock and Chaffey

27:55 – How Lakes Fish Different High V Low & Thoughts on Windamere Filling Up

40:24 – Back to Talking about Chaffey

46:40 – Silver Perch in Chaffey Dam

52:30 – Chat About Trout Cod

56:35 – Chat About Removing Willows

1:00:00 – Tips for Chasing Yellas in Spring & Using Jerkbaits

1:17:05 – Number #1 Tip for Yella Behaviour

1:20:45 – Adam’s Goal for this Year

- Connect with Adam -

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