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  • Ep65 – Ben Wiseman on his Recent AYC Cod Classic Win at Wyangala Dam

Ben Wiseman took out his first AYC Competition win this year at Wyangala Dam. I wanted to get Ben on for a chat because his story to wining this year’s comp is very cool. The Social Fishing Team fished Wyangala Dam a week before the competition this year and we shared heaps of information inside our membership platform.

Ben took that knowledge on board and applied it to his fishing the following weekend, which helped his and his mate take out the win. Here is a message I received from Ben a few days after the competition:

“G’day Rhys, I just wanted to get in contact and let you know how your recent trip report on Wyangala helped me take out the biggest cod and win the recent AYC Wyangala Cod Classic.

e used livescope to try and find fish and temp them into biting, to work out a plan of attack for the rest of the weekend. After several hours of scanning for fish and finding some but we weren’t able to get any to commit. After a disappointing session we decided to use the tactics that you described in your trip report from the weekend before and put the livescope away.

We started flicking unweighted swimbaits at the shallow points we had marked around 5am before the sun came up, after a couple of hours with no success the sun was finally up, and we were in full sunlight then my lure got engulfed at 7:45am by a 710mm cod on a shallow point.

Feeling pumped but sore from casting such a large lure for so long I decided to start casting a Gantia before the next shallow point that we had marked earlier. First cast at the point and my rod loaded not long after my lure hit the water and I was into a big cod. After I got it near the boat and a few lunge’s down deep we managed to get the fish into the net, it measured 1075mm at 8:50 am.

I ended up with the biggest Cod for the weekend and our combined efforts got us the win with a total of 2115mm for out two biggest Cod and landing the most fish for the weekend beating at lot of other accomplished teams and anglers.

Only after reading your report and deciding to put the tactics you described in to practice, we able to take out the Win. It has definitely changed my perspective on live sounders as we beat a lot of teams that were running it on their boats.”
Thanks, Ben Wiseman

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2:00 – Intro
3:20 – When Ben started fishing the AYC
8:30 – Ben’s Sessions fishing before the competition
11:00 – Story from the AYC competition from this year
30:00 – Advice for using live technology for the first time
35:00 – How would we approach a new dam

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