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  • Ep77 – Rhys Creed: Behind the Microphone with the Founder of Social Fishing – A Glimpse into his Life and how he Turned his Passion and Dreams into Reality

In this special episode, we sit down with the man behind the microphone and the founder of Social Fishing, Rhys Creed. Interviewed by Dan Webber, Chris Cotterill and Karen Rees, Rhys shares the journey of how he turned his passion for fishing and educating others into what Social Fishing is today.

We get a glimpse into who Rhys is behind the scenes, the key people who have helped shape his path and his approach to life. Rhys shares some pivotal moments along the path to building Australia’s largest freshwater fishing community, the Social Fishing Membership, the challenges faced along the journey and where’s next for Rhys and the Social Fishing brand.

This is a great episode, filled with a stack of stories and laughs as Rhys gets grilled by the team and of course the episode is filled with fishing tips for this upcoming big winter cod season. Make sure to tune in and we hope you enjoy this episode!


In this episode:

2:00 – How Chris Cotterill, Karen Rees & Dan Webber fit into the SF picture

14:00 – What inspired Rhys to create the Social Fishing brand?

35:00 – The launch of the SF Membership

46:00 – Key people who helped Social Fishing get where it is today?

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57:00 – Why fishing for Rhys?

1:04:00 – Family life, running a business and the SF Membership

1:20:30 – Memorable catches in the past three years

1:31:00 – How Rhys approaches chasing winter cod

1:39:50 – Where to next for Rhys and Social Fishing

1:45:20 – One lure, one waterway, one session

1:48:30 – Biggest challenges we face building the SF Brand

1:54:30 – Quote or phrase that Rhys lives by

computer membership graphic3

Social Fishing Membership

Not only will you get access to this article… you’ll have access to everything inside the SF Membership. Here is a list of just a few things you will get access to inside the SF Membership:

  • SF Maps – in-depth detailed maps of key locations covering, access points, key bank and boat fishing areas, camping, fishing tips and more
  • Reports – monthly reports written by local anglers
  • SF Magazine – regular video and articles on everything freshwater from tips, to techniques and demos, and even session videos
  • LIVE Monthly Q&A – once a month we go live with all our members
  • Trip Reports – in-depth reports from our trips away
  • Members Community – interactive wall where members can post photos, questions and chat about anything
  • Groups – for every location where you can talk all about that specific location and receive insider info from local anglers that fish those spots
  • PLUS So Much More!

Social Fishing

Social Fishing is the ultimate hub for Freshwater Fishing Education! Social Fishing is a community based website packed with information, education and support for all freshwater anglers. The Social Fishing Team are passionate not only about fishing but educating others and giving them the chance to experience this past time that we all love!

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