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  • Ep 49 – Romen Dicovski: Googong Dam, DVD Productions & Vertically Fishing for Murray Cod

Romen Dicovski is probably best known for his involvement in producing the popular Googong Green and Gold Series that was published on DVD many years ago. He has spent the best part of the last decade chasing monster cod and yellas that swim in Googong Dam.

Romen has an incredible passion for fishing that started when he was very young with trips to the saltwater with his mate. This evolved into fishing the local waters in the ACT and even more so fishing Googong Dam for those trophy Murray Cod. In this episode we get to learn more about Romen, his background and why he has such a passion for fishing.

Romen also talks about the production of the Googong Green and Gold DVD’s, how the idea came about and the process to putting this content together. We then move on to talking about Googong Dam and techniques for chasing the resident fish. Later on, Romen explains the technique of vertically fishing for Murray Cod, a highly underutilised approach that works exceptionally well.

This is a jammed packed episode, and you don’t want to miss a single minute of it! Hit play and enjoy!


In this episode:

How fishing started and evolved for Romen (5:30)

Beginnings of the Googong Green and Gold Series (17:00)

More about how fishing started for Romen (18:45)

Fishing Googong and the DVD Series (continued) (23:30)

Pausing your Lure: Romen’s Biggest Tip (38:45)

Fishing Googong and the DVD Series (continued) (42:16)

Googong Dam – Rules (48:40)

Tips for Fishing Googong Dam (55:45)

Go-to Lures (1:11:30)

Vertically Fishing for Murray Cod (1:14:50)

How Romen Uses Sounder Technology (1:24:14)

Romen’s Most Memorable Catch (1:27:50)

Romen’s One Final Lesson (1:41:10)

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