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  • Ep 17 – Rory Benn-Clibborn: Tips for Fishing around Canberra and Soft Plastic Techniques

This is a cracker of an episode with the gun freshwater fisho… Rory Benn-Clibborn! I couldn’t believe how long we talked for in this episode and I didn’t want it to end because Rory shared so much content. He has fished ever since he was a kid and grew up in the Canberra region fishing the local waterways.

Rory has fished numerous waterways in the country for freshwater fish using a range of incredible techniques. Rory has a passion for creation, and this led to his own lure brand Perch Palm where he creates a range of quality soft plastics.

This is a great episode and we talk about so many great techniques. Rory opens up and shares everything he knows… enjoy this episode guys!

In this episode:

How fishing started for Rory and why he is so passionate about fishing (3:30)

Rory’s first fish on a lure and the lessons he learnt (10:00)

Rory’s teenage years and what he loves about fishing (11:30)

Rory’s fishing projects over the years (16:30)

Perch Palm Plastics and how it started (20:30)

Soft Plastic Drop Shot technique (27:00)

PPP 250 Swimbait (33:30)

Perch Palm Diaries (36:30)

Fishing Spot in the Canberra Region – Murrumbidgee & Molonglo River (38:00)

Tips and Techniques for Googong (44:30)

Texas Rig for chasing Golden Perch in Googong (1:05:00)

More tips for Googong and Golden Perch (1:08:30)

Hooks and weights for soft plastics (1:15:30)

Tips for chasing Redfin in Urban Lakes (1:20:30)

Rory’s most memorable catch (1:28:00)

Rory’s number one lesson for life (1:38:00)

- Connect with Rory -

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