The 5 Best Lure Types for Murray Cod

The NEW Complete Guide Lure Fishing Series is here!


What is the Complete Guide?

It’s a freshwater tutorial videos series that helps you catch fish! Step by step videos that explain everything. Starting at the gear and lures, all the way up to casting and trolling techniques, and as always plenty of action!

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It’s NOT just a fishing show! It’s explains and demonstrates how to catch fish!

It’s presented by the Social Fishing team as they film all the techniques and tactics across a range of Australian waterways. Along the way they share plenty of tips, but also catch plenty of fish!

The series shows you how to successfully catch Murray CodGolden PerchTrout and even Carp on a range of different lure and fly styles.

What does the Complete Guide Include?

The Complete Guide includes 8 different series:

Murray Cod & Golden Perch in Rivers –8 tutorials (282 mins)

Murray Cod in Dams – 6 tutorials (220 mins)

Golden Perch in Dams – 7 tutorials (200 mins)

Trout in Rivers & Streams – 5 tutorials (100 mins)

Carp on Lure & Fly – 4 tutorials (110 mins)

Murray Cod on Surface – 4 tutorial (139 mins)

Trout on Fly – 6 tutorials (131 mins)

Trout in Lakes & Dams – 6 tutorials (193 mins)


Where can I watch this series?

The series is available as a pack but you can also buy them individually. We are currently offering a BONUS pack which includes extra content! Click the button below to view the Complete Guide Series.

Social Fishing

Social Fishing is the ultimate hub for Freshwater Fishing Education! Social Fishing is a community based website packed with information, education and support for all freshwater anglers. The Social Fishing Team are passionate not only about fishing but educating others and giving them the chance to experience this past time that we all love!

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