Read the full article about this fish kill here: ‘Massive Murray Cod Deaths in Blowering Dam 2019 – What has happened?’Listen to the Podcast on

In this video Rhys sits down and talks about some of the best big lures for targeting giant Murray Cod in lakes and dams.Some of

A quick clip from an afternoon session on the Murrumbidgee River in January 2019. This video shows how Golden Perch school, so if you find

Here is a quick clip of a cracker 98cm Murray Cod on surface!I apologies for the high angle on GoPro as we were about to

Casting in Blowering Dam for Golden Perch during November 2017. We found a school of fish sitting off a rocky point and we were able

Carp are a pest in Australia and their ability to adapt to any environment has seen them take over every waterway they inhabit. It is

This short video features Rhys Creed where he talks about Environmental Water and the role it plays for native fish.It is beneficial for native fish and it

Year round Murray Cod fishing in Blowering Dam may be a possibility in the near future?Here is a short interview with DPI Fisheries Scientist Jamin

Follow the Social Fishing team on a journey along the edge of a beautiful snowy mountains lake chasing big Brown Trout through the glass of