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Rhys Creed
- Social Fishing Founder

Rhys Creed is the founder of Social Fishing with the beginning of the brand starting back in 2014. Ever since that day he has been passionate about helping others catch more fish and become better anglers. Rhys features in most of the content on the website and he is also a public speaker having appeared at a number of Boat Shows, Expos and Tackle Shops. He has been fishing for a number of years and loves all forms of freshwater fishing. His favourite style of fishing is casting for Murray Cod in fast water rivers.

More About Rhys...

Rhys grew up in Wagga Wagga and really fell in love with fishing at the age of 9. He use to spend every weekend down at Lake Albert testing his skills on the local Carp population. It’s here that the passion grew as he learnt everything he could that would help him catch more fish. From there Rhys learnt how to lure fish and spent most weekends on the Murrumbidgee River chasing natives, learning new techniques, testing new lures and learning as much as he could.

Rhys started Social Fishing to help share his information to others and help them catch more fish. There wasn’t one good place to go for information on freshwater fishing, so Rhys decided to start Social Fishing and share everything he had learnt.

The website has grown since its beginnings to include a range of article and video content, including an Online and DVD tutorial series titled the ‘Complete Guide Lure Fishing Series’ which covers everything an angler needs to know about freshwater lure fishing. You can learn more about this series here.

Rhys now speaks at a number of shows and expos including the Sydney International Boat Show and has appeared on numerous episodes of the TV Series IFISH. He is also the ambassador for GoFish Nagambie which is Australia’s richest freshwater fishing competition.



why rhys decided to start this platform?


It's me, Rhys.

For those of you who don't know me, I live and breath fishing. And in particular, freshwater fishing. 

But I always knew there was something else that I was even more passionate about...

Helping others...

The idea for Social Fishing started a long time ago when I was a keen young angler who use to sit and watch weekend fishing shows. One thing that use to frustrate me was watching the hosts catch fish but never show you how they did it…

I wanted to know what they were using, the knots, what pound leader and mainline? Just like anyone who is learning, I wanted to know how I could go out and catch a fish. 

It felt like the fishing shows were presenting this amazing dream, but without showing us how we could chase it.

As I grew and learnt more and more about freshwater fishing I began to realise that there was very little information about this style of fishing.

It was difficult for someone who was starting out (we all know how hard cod can be to catch). 

We had to learn everything ourselves through practice, trial and error, talking to other anglers, reading books and researching online and we could only find bit and pieces of information.

Plus, some people aren't as lucky and don't have someone to show them, or to help them get started. 

(And yes, social media has many benefits, but there is so much FALSE information on these platforms, from so called 'gurus'.)

This lack of quality information was missing...

And I knew I needed to do something about it. 

That problem was the birth of Social Fishing – and will continue to be the reason we are here! 

To share information and help guide you to your dreams!

You've found your new community that all share this one addictive passion - fishing!

Welcome and I'm glad you found us. 

Also if you'd like to reach out to me, here is my personal email:

rhys creed

Social Fishing Founder

Q&A with rhys

What is your favourite style of fishing?

“This is a tough question to answer as there are so many different forms of freshwater fishing that I love. In saying that I do have one that stand out from the rest and it would have to be ‘fishing shallow and fast running rivers from an inflatable boat’. If you happen to follow us a bit you will see we fish from a Takacat Sport 300 which is custom built with casting decks which allow us to stand and fish. These boats go through the shallowest of water and are extremely stable and are one of the best casting platforms I’ve ever fished from."

"But fishing low running rivers, when the water is clear, casting for cod and goldens is so hard to go past. Casting spinnerbaits in against logs and watching the fish chase them out or eat the lure boat side is the best! 100% my favourite style of fishing!”

What is it that you love about fishing?

“I think what I love the most, the thing that has me so addicted is the ‘unknown’ in fishing. We just never know what the day will hold, the anticipation and the feeling you get when you achieve your goal is priceless. Fishing is something that tests us as well and can push us to our limits, it’s never an easy game.”

“As I fish more as and more now I realise its more about the people and the good times spent with mates than it is actually about the fish. The friendships that are built around this common passion is something we all keep with us forever.”

What is your #1 Tip you can share with others about freshwater fishing?

“One thing that I try to share with everyone, something that is so important to finding success not only in fishing but in life, is to… Never Stop Learning!”

“If you want to achieve something learn as much as you can about and you will succeed. Knowledge is so important especially when it comes to fishing. It’s not about having the most expensive boat, shiny reels and hundreds of lures… it’s about KNOWLEDGE. Ask as many questions as you can and because there is always someone out there who knows things that you don’t.”

What is your favourite lure?

“Another hard one to answer but the winner in terms of consistency would have to be a ‘5/8oz Mud Guts Spinnerbait’. When it comes to fishing in a river these lures never fail, they are so easy to use and catch so many fish. A close second to this is the ‘Ignite 220 Cod Fury Soft Plastic’ as it is my go to dam lure when targeting monster Murray Cod.”

Want to ask me a question?

No problem at all! I'm here to help.

You can reach me on my personal email here

Just note that I respond to all members questions and enquires first, so just be patient, I will get back to you soon. 

I'll see you around!



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