With the trout stream season all wrapped up for the winter ahead, it’s time for those of us (trout obsessed) anglers to hit the lakes

The June long weekend each year marks the closure for angling in all recognised Trout streams in NSW. You are allowed to fish across the

Cloud cover or overcast weather is the point of focus for this second article in ‘The Weather Effect’ series. If you missed the first article on ‘Barometric Pressure’ I

Peering down into the crystal clear waters of the Upper Murray I spotted a monstrous set of logs that was most likely home to a

The market for Murray Cod lures is growing every season with more options, new designs, larger lures and extensive colour ranges. With this booming market

Selecting a productive trout fishing rod can be as easy as walking into your local tackle store and buying the combo that is on special

September marks the beginning of spring and the time in which our attention changes from Murray Cod to their smaller cousins, the Golden Perch.These Australian

Some may think that a boat is a must to catch trout in lakes and dams but that is certainly not the case. Walking the

The Murray cod season is quickly coming to its end with this weekend being your last chance to chase the mighty fish (unless you’re lucky and

If you spoke to a Murray Cod angler back five years ago about their gear of choice the answer would have gone a little like