Learn How to custom rig your own soft plastics in this 2 part series!

master the art of rigging!

Makes Rigging, Simple, Quick and Perfect Every Time!

Rigging Big Soft Plastics Tutorial Video

73 Mins - 6 Unique Rigging Styles - Step by Step Process

  • We demonstrate every single step of the process and also the science behind our rigging style and why it works!
  • The tools and gear you'll need, plus the best jighead and hooks.
  • Rigging the plastic demonstration, plus the front reverse and swinging hook variations (and another 5 other options)!

Line Thru Plastics | Rigging Tutorial for Murray Cod

23 Mins - 3 Unique Line Thru Rigging Styles

  • Learn how to rig your plastics line thru, step by step and three different variations.
  • Turn any soft plastic into a line thru rig - you don't have to rig with a jighead or weedless anymore! This is the most natural. 
  • Perfect for fishing shallow, high in the water column or in winter for big Murray Cod (deadly rigging style!)

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