Environmental Water (also known as E-Water or E-Flows) are releases of water from the large impoundments that flow down the rivers or is diverted to

Picture above credit: Iain Ellis – FisheriesBlackwater is water that picks up carbon in the form of plant matter (leaves, grass and bark), animal faeces and

Nestled away in the Wadbilliga Nation Park is Brogo Dam. There is no better place in the country to talk about Australian Bass basics than

Over winter and the past couple of weeks we have spent a huge number of hours on the water searching for big fish. During the

Over the past few years, surface fishing for Murray Cod has taken off! It is now the go to technique; not because you catch more

Written by Rhys CreedCod Opening is an iconic day in the books of all Australian native anglers! It’s more exciting than Christmas and I know

If you’ve been following our posts over the past few days you would have noticed that we have been targeting Murray Cod. People have been

By Adam SmithSpring has finally decided to show up after one of the wettest winters we have experienced in a very long time. With the

Written by Chris CotterillTo this day on our Social Fishing trips the debate rages on whether or not scent makes a difference when added to

Written by Tallis CotterillSpring is one of the best times to catch one of Australia’s great native fish in dams; the iconic Golden Perch. October