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Take your fishing to the next level with our Knots & Rigs Tutorial Series!

  • Knots & Rigs Tutorial Library

This series will grow one of the most critical skill sets in fishing today! Freshwater fish aren't easy to catch and when you finally connect to that trophy fish you'll want to make sure your knots hold.

Stop wasting time searching YouTube for videos on how to tie knots. Get a full library of knots and rigs, demonstrated by an expert - available to watch anytime!

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What's Included In The Knots & Rigs Tutorial Series?

  • FG Knot

We all know how good the FG Knots is - but you might also be scared at how tricky it can be to tie. If that's the case then you'll be proved wrong in this demonstration as we teach you the super SIMPLE and EASY way that anyone can follow. You'll be a master at the FG Knot in no time!

  • FG Knot (Rizzuto Finish)

Learn an extra version and way to finish your FG Knot with improved strength. This is simple, easy to learn and one of the best finishes to your FG Knot. 

  • Slim Beauty

The Slim Beauty is a very strong knot that is perfect if you're just starting out or you struggle to tie an FG Knot. This knot is also really good to know if you need a quick leader change during a session and don't have the time for some of the longer or more advanced knots. 

  • Albright Knot

One of the most popular and commonly used knots, and we show you the easiest and most simple way to tie this knot. Great one to start off with or for kids just starting to learn knot tying. 

  • Improved Albright Knot

This video will run you through a slightly more improved version of the Albright Knot - which we recommend learning. This is an incredibly strong knot that I and many of the SF team have trusted for years. 

  • Bimini Twist with Fusion Knot

This is a lesser know knot that Rhys Creed has used since he was 14 years old. This knot has never failed him and is what he ties on many of his river setups when chasing Murray Cod. A knot that holds 100% strength and well worth mastering!

  • Double Uni Knot

Great knot for lighter lines used on spin gear eg. when chasing Trout, Redfin, Golden Perch and Bass. We show you an easy and simple way to tie a Double Uni Knot and remember - you'll have access to this full library forever! You can sit down and watch them whenever you want. 

  • Blood Knot

When it comes to tying on a lure or hook - a Blood Knot is one you'll want to learn. Tying a Blood Knot may be simple, but tying it right is SUPER important. This knot is usually one of the biggest failure points in any setup - and you'll learn how to tie it right in this video.

  • Loop Knot

This is a critical knot that many anglers GET WRONG! In this video you'll learn the exact steps to tying a good loop knot that will allow your lures to swim freely, while also holding on every fish. 

  • Penny Knot

This is by far the best knot to use when tying flies onto your tippet. Super easy, simple and much stronger than any other knot when using super light leader - this is a must know for everyone who fly fishes. 

  • Paternoster Rig

An effective rig setup for fishing in many freshwater scenarios - plus it can be super quick and easy to tie. You'll learn all the step and tricks in this tutorial video!

PLUS MORE knots and rig videos coming soon!

They include:

  • Uni Knot
  • Palomar Knot
  • Running Sinker Rig for Murray Cod
  • Spooling a Reel with Line
  • Backfilling a Spool
  • Leader Knot for Fluorocarbon
  • Dropshot Rig