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  • murray cod & golden perch in rivers

Get access to our most popular series in this bundle! And we explain EVERYTHING there is to know! All the question you’ve ever had about casting or trolling lures, on rivers and creeks, will be answered. Learn about structure, key feeding zones, where you should cast your lure, best retrieves, key lures, gear and all the techniques you'll ever need!

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  • Golden Perch in Dam

Have you ever struggled to find and consistently catch yellas in a dam? It can so frustrating... but not if you know where to find them. We show you exactly where to look for Golden Perc, along with the key lures, rod and reel setup, key tactics including trolling and casting. PLUS plenty of action showing you how it's all done on the water in this action packed series!

Valued at $50 - 7 Tutorial Videos - 200 Mins of Content

  • Trout in Rivers & Streams

Learn the secrets to chasing Trout with lures. All the gear, lures and techniques to achieve success in a range of scenarios. You’ll have access to this and so much more in this series! PLUS the Bonus tutorial which is filmed on the beautiful Eucumbene River where Rhys and Adam fish the spawn run and teach you the secrets of how to succeed on this iconic river.

Valued at $50 - 5 Tutorial Videos - 182 Mins of Content

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