When does a river stop becoming a river? This sounds like the start of a really bad joke yea?Well unfortunately the answer is bad, but

The question is often raised in regards to the rules and regulation when it comes to handling fish in particular Trout Cod or other protected

As I write this anglers in NSW southern dams are having a ball right now catching bag loads of Redfin (English Perch).Now if I was

Industry Talk – 9th February 2017Chris CotterillThe stage was set for the Social Fishing team to film our much-anticipated small creeks and streams Murray Cod

Industry Talk – 12 December 2016Chris CotterillSports Fishing has moved forward in leaps and bounds from the times of the greats like Zane Grey who

Written by Chris CotterillTo this day on our Social Fishing trips the debate rages on whether or not scent makes a difference when added to

The afternoon silence is broken by the sound of outboard motor slowly rattling its way up the winding river with its driver diligently listening for

Written by Chris CotterillThe long weekend was nearing us and the grand plan was to cast for fast water river Murray Cod. Well like I

There is a saying that 10% of anglers catch 90% of the fish. I have reflected a lot on this phrase saying and I would

Industry Talk – 19th April 2016Chris CotterillThe pursuit of reaching certain angling milestones is something every angler has in common. These milestones differ from angler